1910 6 HP Geiser

New life for a Geiser

| December/January 2010

1910 6 HP Geiser
 Geiser Mfg. Co. Waynesboro, PA
Year: 1910
Horsepower: 6
Bore: 6-inch 
Stroke: 10-inch
Flywheel diameter: 40 inches

To my father, John Listman, for passing on his passion for engines.

Over the past 35 years my father, John, has been an avid engine collector and the interest has passed on to me, my son and my youngest brother. Like most collectors, you always dream about the engine you would love to have.

My father was a collector of many fine items when I was growing up. Both my father and mother, Jackie, collected items such as furniture, knickknacks, cash registers, music boxes, clocks, etc. So having the appreciation of collecting engines came naturally.

One day, my father’s friend Hans Wendt stopped by to show my father an engine he had purchased and that’s all it took. Dad was hooked, and his engine collection exploded from there. I was 19 at the time and also became fascinated with the hobby.

Through the years, my wife, Mary, and I have spent a lot of time with our friends Andy Cook and Sonny Reinking going to swap meets, auctions and shows. Andy and Sonny have provided me with sound engine advice and taught me a lot about this hobby. Learning from their years of experience and going to the shows and swap meets with them have been some of the best memories my wife and I share together.