1905 10 HP Evans

Born to be a farmer

| December/January 2009

Manufacturer: Evans Mfg. Co., Butler, PA
Year: circa 1905
Serial number: 660
Horsepower: 10
Bore: 8-1/4-inch
Stroke: 18-inch
Flywheel diameter: 58 inches
Flywheel width: 4 inches

When Phil and Coreen St. Jean, Coventry, R.I., took their circa 1905 10 HP Evans to the 2007 Coolspring Summer Expo, they figured it would blend right in with the rest of the featured Butler County, Pa., engines at the show.

Fortunately it didn’t, and for good reason. “Most of the Evans engines were built for oil field use, but this is one of the few that was built for the farm,” says Phil, surprised by the news. “I had all kinds of people from the museum (at Coolspring) looking at this engine, pointing out the differences between the oil field and farm engines.”

Evans heaven

Phil acquired the engine from well-known collector Fred Anderson of Connecticut. “It was painted all different colors when I got it, and it just wasn’t very attractive,” says Phil. “I sand-blasted it and gave it this nice oil finish. I also did a little plumbing work on it, put a new cooling tank on it and made a new cart for it.” Above all, he got the engine running again. “Fred was a friend of mine,” says Phil. “He hadn’t done anything with it and was having trouble making it run. I’m very glad to have gotten it; I ended up getting it to run before he passed, so he was able to see it run.”

Farm roots exposed