Good Folks and the Stover Junior

Stover Stuff

| April/May 2010

In the past few issues, we have been covering Stover history almost exclusively. Originally I wanted this column to be a mix of shared information and a look at Stover people and their “stuff.” So this time we’re getting back to some of our Stover friends out there in engine land.

Roger and Mary
Roger Seefeldt, his sister Mary Seefeldt-Swanson and I do quite a few shows together. Roger has a large collection of Stovers and other neat machines.

The best part of showing engines with Roger and Mary, besides Mary’s good cooking, is that their equipment is always doing something. That makes their display educational and the spectators love it. My show engines are typically big and cumbersome, so most of the time they just sit there running slowly and looking dumb. I do occasionally thresh with a 12 HP Stover screen-cooled portable engine, but not often enough.

We went over to Roger’s the other day to get the serial numbers of his two Stovers. Before we could escape, we had recorded 22 Stover serial numbers and that didn’t include his Stover Duros.

Cold and tired, my granddaughter Sydni and I spent an hour and a half at the museum looking up the numbers. Sydni was a great help. The books are big and heavy and in deep drawers. We make a numerical list of serial numbers and she gets the books out while I record the information.

Bob and Lorain
I’ve talked to many collectors since starting this column and Bob Jones of Fallen, Nev., has become a regular phone pal. His engine restorations are beautiful, as you can see from the photo on the opposite page. The picture of Bob and his good friend Lorain Forbush was taken in Lorain’s equipment yard. One of those fellows is a sidekick, but I’m not sure which way that goes.