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Young Iron: TJ Geier

By the Gas Engine Magazine staff

TJ Geier got into gas engines as a third-generation collector.

Coolspring Power Museum: The Early Days

By Paul Harvey

A look back at the beginnings of the Coolspring Power Museum as it approaches its 30th year.

Rare Engine Time Capsule

By Richard Backus

Editor-in-Chief Richard Backus discusses rare engine books and the Coolspring Power Museum’s 30th anniversary.

Young Iron: Nathan DeVore

By the Gas Engine Magazine staff

Nathan DeVore caught the collecting bug when he was 14 and had been invited to the Old Thresher's Reunion in Mt. Pleasant, Iowa.


2015 Collectible Show Season

By Richard Backus

Richard Backus discusses the Farm Collector Show directory and the 2015 show season.

Young Iron: Raymond Swanstone

By the Gas Engine Magazine staff

Raymond Swanstone shares his collection stories and interest in collecting gas engines.

Another Year

By Matt Kelly

Associate Editor Matt Kelly reflects on Donald L. Siefker's words about his father from Valentine's Day, 1978. Donald went on to create an annual index to help readers locate articles and pictures of engines in the Gas Engine Magazine Archive.

1914 1-3/4 HP Chore Boy

By the Gas Engine Magazine staff

Michael Standley got his 1914 1-3/4 HP Chore Boy off eBay.