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In Memorium - Gerald S. Lestz

By Gas Engine Magazine staff

Gerald S. Lestz of Lancaster, Pa., passed away Sept. 12, 2009, at the age of 95.

Pumpers of the Keystone Crude

By Zachery Neal Harding

Creative non-fiction written by Zachary Neal Harding, an English major attending Brevard College in Brevard, N.C. The story is about a trip him and his father took to see one of the few remaining oil wells still powered by a stationary engine. 

Hobby Heavyweights: Glenn Karch

By Gas Engine Magazine staff

Glenn Karch was recognized world-wide as an authority on the Hercules Gas Engine Co.

Raffle winners at Mt. Pleasant

By Gas Engine Magazine staff

Raffle winners from the drawings held at the Farm Collector/Gas Engine Magazine tent at the 2009 Midwest Old Threshers Reunion in Mt. Pleasant, Iowa.


Steam traction engines on TV?

by Richard Backus

Steam traction engines on TV? Could be, at least if the desires of an independent British programming company come to fruition. I've been approached before by would-be TV producers expressing interest in building a show around the subject of old farm equipment, but the few who have contacted me in years past seemed intent on trying to apply the sort of story line used in popular shows like Jesse James' "Monster Garage" to vintage farm equipment. Not much of a fit, if you ask me. - A New Beginning for an Old Friend

by Richard Backus

It’s been a long time coming, and it’s finally here, the new web site and a new beginning for an old friend.

Flywheel Forum

by Gas Engine Staff

At the Auction

Flywheel Forum

By Rafael Arroyo Sr.

Mietz and Weiss