Young Iron: Owen Timberlake

The Maine Man

| August/September 2010

  • owen timberlake
    Owen Timberlake with his 1954 Hiller Yard Hand.

  • owen timberlake

Name: Owen Timberlake
Age: 14
Location: Livermore, ME

Q: How long have you been collecting gas engines?
A: I’ve been collecting engines since I was 10. I started with a Hiller Yard Hand.

Q: What attracted you to the hobby?
 My grandpa, a collector since the late 1970s, got me hooked on this great hobby. He bought me the Hiller Yard Hand. All the engines I have so far have come from him.  We are both part of the Maine Antique Power Association and I am the youngest member.

Q: Who else in your family collects engines?
 My grandpa Roland Timberlake. He has a lot of experience in machine work to help me. He has about 30 engines and his friends are always willing to help.

Q: How many engines do you have in your collection?
 I currently have six engines. One is a small 1 HP Briggs & Stratton, and I also have a Bolens Husky 6-speed tractor as well as an older unidentified engine.  

Q: What is your favorite engine in your collection?
A: My favorite would have to be my Yard Hand. It is 1 HP and goes about 4 MPH. The tractor was sold by Sears, Roebuck and Co. in 1954. It is the only like it that I have ever seen.

Q: Are you working on any restoration projects?
 I am currently working on the Bolens Husky 6-speed tractor. This tractor was used in the chicken barn. It is old and rusted but I should be able to get the engine running soon. 

Q: As a young collector what are some of the obstacles you’ve come across?
A: My problems are not having enough time. I play sports, go to school and have a job so it is a little hard to work on an engine.  Another problem is money. I can’t spend too much money because I need to save for college and engines are expensive.
Q: What shows do you normally attend each year?
 Normally, I attend the shows in Maine at Scribner’s Mill, Bowman Field, Skowhegan and Farmington.

Q: What are your favorite engines and why?
 My favorite engine is a Bulldog because they have that certain “woof” when they fire and they sound just beautiful.  They are built well and I have hopes of someday owning my own.  My grandpa has a 5 HP one.

Q: What is your dream engine to own?
A: My dream engine is a 7 HP  Bulldog. They are a good, big engine just the right size for a saw rig. I would like that because I like using saw rigs.


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