Young Iron: Dylan Smith

Antique gas engine collector Dylan Smith likes Maytag engines and also owns an Oliver Standard 88.

| February/March 2013

  • Dylan Smith
     Dylan Smith is 16 and has been collecting old gas engines for more than three years.
    Photo Courtesy Dylan Smith

  • Dylan Smith

Q. How long have you been collecting gas engines?

A. I’ve been collecting for more than three years, starting with a little twin-cylinder Maytag, and I’ve enjoyed every day of it. I’m still looking for a single-cylinder Maytag.

Q. What attracted you to the hobby?

A. My dad owns an early 1900s Desjardin 5 HP. From there I thought it was interesting how the gears work to run the engine. Also, going to tractor shows and learning something different every time.

Q. Who else in your family collects engines?

A. My dad owns four engines: two are lawn ornaments, one is running and the other is waiting for us to put it back together.