Spark Plug: The Woman Mechanic

Meet the beauty shop operator who is also a crackerjack woman mechanic.

| January/February 1968

Not always can ye Spark Plug don overalls, grab a monkey wrench, and saunter off down to the barn to belabor himself on his pet antique gas engine as a thin excuse for getting out of drying the dinner dishes or doing oilier household chores.

For, like "Everywhere that Mary went, the lamb was sure to go," so wherever Marion Ertle sallies forth, along goes Hazel too.

Thus it is that whenever "Spark Plug" Ertle of Winchester, IN gets that faraway "gas engine" glint in his eye, wife Hazel, doing a take-off on Rosie the Riveter, drops her beauty shoppe comb and scissors, jumps into dungarees, and strides along at his side.

All of which puts our hero Ertle both "on" and "off" the proverbial horns of a dilemma: should he ever complain that he can't get away with the boys, he at least can't complain that the good wife doesn't tag along like a good wife should. (I hope, dear reader, you're following me as well as Hazel follows Ertle).

In fact it's become so routine that it takes but a moment, the transformation from the petite beauty shoppe operator Hazel to that of Hazel the woman mechanic and gas engine bug—just a few steps' stride from her front room "Abbie Lee" Beauty Emporium and out the back door to the Ertle-owned shop the next lot over.

"You know, helping Marion to clean the sludge out of some old motor, fit piston rings, grind valves, or unstick a rusted cylinder isn't nearly as hard on the hands as some of that beauty shop goo," muses Hazel. "I can remember when some of the older kinds of permanent wave solutions almost look some of the skin off my fingers."