Pioneer Gas Engine Association Meeting

The group's secretary reports on proceedings from the November 1967 meeting of the Pioneer Gas Engine Association.

| January/February 1968

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    The November 1967 meeting of the Pioneer Gas Engine Association went smoothly.

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The annual meeting of the Pioneer Gas Engine Association, Inc. was held on Nov. 5th at the Firehall in Fairville, N. Y. Officers elected for 196H are: President—Donald A. Luteyn, Sr. of Palmyra, N Y; Vice President—Paul K. Smith of Ontario, NY; Secretary—Mrs. Dorothy B. Smith of Ontario, NY; Treasurer—Mrs. Mary, J. Johnson, Marion, NY. Directors elected for three year terms are: David Shearns of Marion, NY; Franklin Orbuker of Newark, NY; and Jake Hershey of Gorham, NY.

The dates have been set for the 1968 Reunion. They are July 26, 27 and 28th. Several new attractions were discussed. There will he another Auction on Saturday; the 1967 auction was a big success.

The past year was reviewed and was declared a successful one. We had a total of 337 members in 1967. We are financially ahead also. There was a large display of equipment at the 1967 engine show in July: 49 tractors, 183 gasoline engines, 53 pieces of allied equipment, about 40 engine models, several antique cars and trucks and a few steam engines. The Queen was Mrs. Marion Wood of Livonia. She is the Mother of a Director, Dick Wood, and lived on a farm most of her life. Mr. Charles France, of Alpha, NY was the oldest attendee at 93 years of age. Visitors came from Pennsylvania, Maryland, Vermont, Connecticut, Michigan, and Canada.

Coming events include the annual Christmas party, the first Sunday in December, "picture time" in February, and the spring "Gas-Up" in May.