By Staff

We got a request the other day from a subscriber who is looking
for an article or ad that appeared in GEM some time ago. Apparently
the item stated that ‘if you sent your fuel mixer to a certain
place or person, they would modify it so your engine would run
better.’ We’ve done a bit of a search of old issues and
advertising files, and haven’t turned up what this man is
looking for, so we thought we’d ask our readers, since some of
the rest of you may have the same recollection. Please drop us a
line or call Judy Whiteside if you remember this, so we can pass
the information along.

The same reader mentioned how many WANTED ads he has answered
over the years when people are seeking information of various
kinds. Some have thanked him, and others did not. He points out
that enclosing a stamp or two reimbursing folks for the cost of a
phone call is a nice thing to do in such cases, but a thank you
certainly is the least one can do. We agree!

There are a few changes of information since our new show
directory was published, so be sure to check the ad on page 102,
which lists them. We’ll be publishing any additional changes in
future issues of both IMA and GEM.

This month we have an increased number of auction ads, so there
should be lots of sales for you to go to, along with spring swap
meets. Good luck with your new finds, and don’t forget to write
about them!

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