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Flint & Walling

Here is a photo of nine Flint & Walling engines and seven of
the owners at the Mid-America Windmill Museum’s 2006 Fall Fling
engine show in Kendallville, Ind. Two engines were allowed to be
brought, but the owners could not make it. I am sure this would be
some kind of record to have that many in one place.

Also at the show was a 6 HP Woodpecker owned by Nelson LeCount
and an early model Middletown Machine 1-1/2 HP engine, serial no.
96. This early engine looks like most other Woodpeckers except that
the flywheels and crank were made much heavier, most likely a
carry-over from steam engineering where things were made heavy.
Even the engine tag was a heavy brass tag.

I have not been able to make a connection between Flint &
Walling and Woodpecker, so that still remains a mystery. I have
also started a registry of Flint & Walling engines. Readers can
contact me to get on the list.

Earle Franklin, 804 S. Cavin St., Ligonier, IN 46767-1726

Northwestern Motor Co.

I enjoyed your recent article on the old Fairmont Railway Motors
section-car engines. It prompted me to send some photos of a
section-car engine built by the Northwestern Motor Co., in Eau
Claire, Wis. It is definitely of the same design. However, I have
never seen another. I am sure there are some around. The engine is
painted black and is not showing up very well in the photos. Do any
of our readers know anything about these?

Jerry Toews, Goessel, Kan., (620) 367-8257


This is my 6 HP Sheffield engine, the same one featured in Gas
Engine Magazine back in August of 2005. It was made by the
Sheffield Gas Power Co. of Kansas City in 1910.

It is one of three Sheffield’s made in Kansas City known to
exist, The others are a 2 HP pushrod engine and a 25 HP sideshaft.
I would like to find some others if anyone knows of one?

Bill Anderson, 884 W. Jackson, Marshall, MO 65340

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  • Published on Oct 1, 2007
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