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CYRIL ANTON of Shakopee, MN passed away on January 8, 1987.
Cyril died of cancer at the age of 56.

He worked for Ziegler Company in Minneapolis, but the joy of his
life was his engines. Cyril restored many gasoline engines some of
which he displayed on a trailer that he exhibited at many shows
throughout the state. He was a member of the Pioneer Power Club of
Hanley Falls and also of the Stearns County Pioneer Club in Albany,

Cyril will be dearly missed by his family and friends and also
by those who knew him through the many shows. He will be
remembered, however, as his engines will live on as his family will
proudly display them in loving memory of Cyril.

Submitted by his niece, Audrey Besse, 511 E. Main St., Marshall,
MN 56258.

  • Published on Oct 1, 1987
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