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We have a bit of information to pass on from our readers this
month. First item is a letter from Brad Smith, who wrote an article
on hydraulic rams. Brad was very gratified by the response he had
in letters and phone calls from readers, but he notes that when a
reply is expected, one should send along a self-addressed, stamped
envelope. We quite agree that this kind of courtesy is very
important, since postage costs add up for the authors, and they
usually do try to give everyone a reply. So thanks Brad, for asking
us to mention this!

An Australian reader, Warwick Bryce, gave us some advice
regarding the use of credit cards, especially for individuals
outside the U.S.A. He advises us that credit card transactions are
cheaper for the individual living outside the U.S.A. trying to
purchase subscriptions or books in U.S. funds. We quite agree, as
checks drawn on foreign banks in currency of other countries can be
prohibitively expensive for us to accept (that’s why we ask for
payment in U.S. funds). In any case, this is simply a reminder that
we do accept MasterCard and Visa for payment of subscriptions and
other goods. If you wish to renew using a credit card, be sure to
include your card number, type, and expiration date.

Incidentally, we’ll be getting our mailing list updated
shortly for our annual directory listing solicitation, so if you
are involved with a new show, or find one in your travels, do let
us know about it. Or, if your show has changed contact people, let
us know so we can be sure the right person receives the

  • Published on Sep 1, 1990
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