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By Staff

Here we are at the end of our twenty-third year, looking forward
to our twenty-fourth. One of the first things on our agenda for
1989 is the new issue of the Steam & Gas Show Directory. We
have sent out the advertising packets for the Directory; be sure to
let us know immediately if yours has not been received or if you
need additional packets, and we’ll send them post haste!

We have received a letter from the family of Frank Combs
correcting some information we printed in the Windmill Acres show
report. Frank Combs was from Duncanville, Texas, not Duncanville,
Kentucky as was reported, although he was born and raised in.
Duncanville, Texas,. The family also informed us that Mr. Combs
passed away just two weeks after the Windmill Acres show. We at GEM
regret the error, and wish to express our regards at his

Information about our new book, Collector’s Network, appears
on page 67 of this month’s magazine. So far we’ve gotten
good response to the proposed book; let us hear from you!

Speaking of new books, Stem gas has quite a few available! Do
your shopping in our advertisements. We’re working on some new
reprints, which we hope to have ready for you by next month.

A note from our subscription department: your magazine isn’t
actually late unless you haven’t received it by the first day
of the month of the issue. Our scheduled mailing date is the
seventh of the month, and you should allow three full weeks for
your issue to arrive. Sometimes we’re really on the ball and
can send them out early, but that doesn’t happen every month.
So, if it’s getting close to the 30th, sit tight and wait until
after the 1st to give us a call regarding your ‘missing

Finally, the staff at GEM sends warm holiday greetings to all,
with the hope that you enjoy the season. Share the spirit with old
friends, and spread it to some new friends as well. See you next

  • Published on Dec 1, 1988
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