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By Staff

As the 100th year of the tractor continues, we happen to have a
lot of tractor stories this month, including some color pictures
from New Zealand’s celebration. We are trying to dedicate more
space to stories, and this is quite a full issue. There’s a bit
of a backlog in our story drawers, and we ask you to be patient.
Many of the stories in this issue were sent during the coldest
months of last winter!

We’ve gotten lots of response to our Midwest Utilitor story
in the July issue, and are planning a short update, based on your
letters, for next month.

We expect to finish our layout work on the sawmill book Mr.
Wendel wrote, and hope to be able to advertise it for sale in the
October issue! See our ad in this issue for some other new

You may have noticed a slight error in our Table of Contents
last month, we apologize! A few of our stories were not listed,
those toward the back of the issue. We hope to be more

  • Published on Sep 1, 1989
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