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By Staff

I’ll have to keep my comments brief this month, because as
you can see, we have lots of stories, and a long table of

First, on our Collectors’ Network, I’m sorry to say that
we have made two significant errors that we know of in listings.
Those of you who are in the ‘Network, please take the time to
look at page 58 for these corrections, and add them to your books.
We’re sorry about these, but we did have nearly 1000 listings
and we hope there are no more corrections coming!

Again, thanks for your cooperation in meeting our advertising
deadlines, this is a big help. Occasionally we have to disappoint a
latecomer for a show, and we hate to see you miss your once-a-year
chance to reach our readers.

Show season is definitely upon us-be sure to welcome the new
exhibitors, and the young people anxious to learn about your

  • Published on Jul 1, 1989
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