A True Love Story

By Staff
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21167 S. Seidner Avenue Escalon, California 95320

We met in the spring of ’91 on a fairly mild day as I was
visiting my friend. I had been there before but had never met
her. As I stood there admiring her, I could see we were
really going to get along. As time went on, I would always admire
her each time I went there. My friend knew I had a case on her, so
finally I got up the nerve and asked him, and from then on we made
big plans. I asked friends to check for me on the Internet, while I
surveyed the local stores and things started to fall right into
place. Through the help of many people we started going steady to
the antique and tractor shows, and it was then I knew true love.
The photo is of me making over her at the seventh Annual Antique
Tractor Show in Tulare, California, April 17 and 18, 1999. What a
time we had together!

Don’t be afraid to fall in Love!

(Ed. Note: John’s true love is a Bolens Huski

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