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Wisconsin information

| May 2006

I have a liking for Wisconsin single-cylinder air-cooled engines. In American Gasoline Engines Since 1872 by C.H. Wendel, it states that in 1929, Wisconsin started building the single-cylinder air-cooled engine. Can anyone tell me the first model number they came out with? Did they have overhead rocker arms? Or were they valves in block?

I would like to build a collection of Wisconsins and would like to find the oldest models, but I don't have an idea what the models are. Can anyone help me out? Please send information.

Also, can anyone tell me the years they built the Model AB and BKN? Are these models the older ones? Thank you for any help!

Clayton Brimmer Sr.
17430 Yankee Road
Morley, MI 49336

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