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Ward Tractor Plow

| September 2005

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I am enclosing another bit of information from the February 1914 issue of Gas Power Magazine on the Ward Tractor Plow that appeared in the June 2005 issue of Gas Engine Magazine.

I had either forgotten reading this information or never got back that far in this issue, but it does shed some additional light on the brief history of the Ward Tractor Plow. Still no clear evidence that any more of the tractor plows were made or sold:

"For several years Mr. L.M. Ward of Lincoln, Neb., has been working on the design of a light weight tractor suitable for the use of corn belt farmers. He did a good deal of preliminary experimenting and finally, last year, brought out a machine that he thinks fully meets all the requirements. This machine was tested pretty thoroughly all last summer and the result was so satisfactory that arrangements are being made this winter to build a large number of complete machines for the spring and summer trade. In the Ward tractor the plows are hung directly under the rear end of the frame. The motor is a 20-horse power Cushman engine and the total weight of the outfit including plows is only six thousand seven hundred pounds. It is about the simplest outfit on the market."

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