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Vintage Photo

| September 2005

  • UnidentifiedEngine.jpg
    Does anyone recognize the engine in Jason Willoughby’s vintage photo?

  • UnidentifiedEngine.jpg

I really enjoy reading Gas Engine Magazine and looking at all of the historical pictures that other readers submit. In the February 2005 issue, there was a request for more vintage photos; I thought I would share this photo with the readers.

This photo was found in the attic of my neighbor's home along with some other old family photos. My neighbor was a lifelong farmer and the farm was in the family for over 100 years. I really enjoyed having him as my neighbor because growing up he would share stories with me and I liked to hear about the days of the past.

If anyone can help in identifying the engine and what it was belted up to I would greatly appreciate it.

Jason Willoughby
12915 Little Richmond
Brookville, OH 45309