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The Tank

| April 2005

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    'Right and below: After 20 years of seeing this interesting little tiller sitting out in the open at a local ranch, Jeff LaMattina finally managed to buy it. The tag on it is unreadable, so he decided to just call it “The Tank.” '
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  • TheTank1.jpg
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To my friends at Gas Engine Magazine, here's something you don't see everyday. After seeing this sit out at a local ranch for 20 years, I was finally able to talk its owner, June Sloan, out of it, but only if I promised to restore it. She used it when she was younger. The only tag on it is unreadable, so we just call it "The Tank."

If any readers know any information, such as age or make, please contact me.

Jeff LaMattina
P.O. Box 204
Greenville, CA 95947

Vaughan Motor Co., Portland, Ore., made some similar-looking - but larger - units. Perhaps it's one of theirs? - Editor

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