Letters and Miscellanies

Sheffield 'S'urprise

| October 2005

I just received the August 2005 issue of Gas Engine Magazine - as I have for the past 20-plus years - and was surprised to find an article on a Sheffield engine! My Sheffield has been to several West Coast shows over the last 15-20 years, and draws comments about the similarity to the Waterloo Boy and other engines George Miller had a hand in manufacturing. Several engines come to mind, i.e., Faultless and Seward, as well as the G. Fuller engine.

It was great to talk with Bill Anderson, and as promised, I sent him several photos of my 2 HP hopper-cooled engine built by the Sheffield Gas Power Co., serial no. S-333, class G, built at the Kansas City, Mo., plant.

Gene Brady
P.O. Box 495
Manchester, WA 98353
(306) 871-2987

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