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Root and VanDervoort Easy Cooler

| April 2006

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  • RootVanDervoortEasyCooler.jpg

I am sending you a photo of our Root & VanDervoort Easy Cooler. We acquired this about 15 years ago - the previous owner had painted it blue and had shown it for about 20 years. My son repainted it when we bought it and we have shown it snce. The tags read: "Deere Weber, Mpls, MN." It was shipped to western Minnesota. Outside of that, the previous owner did not know anything else. The RV tag number is BS 8228. All numbers match on the engine. At the RV convention in 2003, a fellow told me it was made in 1908 - Wendel's book says about 1910. Let's say it's old enough to vote. It is not super rare, but rare enough, and it's a great runner. Lonnie Nixson sold one last fall for $8,600. I was not there, but I have seen one sell for $5,000. Like all old engines, prices are going up.

Gerald Marti
417 W. 12th St.
Willmar, MN 56201