Letters and Miscellanies

Retired Water Pump

| November 2005

This pump sits near Highway 54, along the outskirts of Hammondsport, N.Y. The last time I saw it while passing through the area, it was complete and restorable. How long it's been sitting in its outdoor retirement home, I don't know. It is an estimated 1930s-vintage water pump built by who knows, but one of the tags on this rig says, "Army Corps of Engineers."

It has a 6-cylinder Hercules engine that I believe is gasoline, but it may be a diesel - it's been long enough I can't recall for sure. It is directly coupled to the pump which has a 6-inch intake and outlet for the water. The steel wheels are 4 feet in diameter and the faces are about 8 inches wide. It appears that the eye hook on the top side of the unit was possibly there for a helicopter to place it in remote areas, but since I was told by the owner this pump weighs in at 6 tons dry, I would question the helicopter theory.

Martin Zirger
Tiffin, Ohio