Letters and Miscellanies

Replies Wash In

| August 2005

Regarding the mystery tool in Gas Engine Magazine, May 2005 issue: Wow! If any inquiries get into this column you sure will get a bunch of answers. I received a total of 27 replies, most from utility workers, who knew exactly what this tool was used for as explained in the June 2005 issue. Eugene Rosenberg of Spirit Lake, Iowa, even sent me one of the caps with the five-sided brass nut, which fits the wrench. You just can't get any better than that.

But one other thing is interesting to note: With only one exception, all the replies have been from north of Virginia, and ranged from New England to the West Coast. That certainly indicates these locking utility caps were used only in northern states, and explains why nobody around here had any idea what the tool was.

Thanks much for all the help.
Thomas A. Cox
3511 Clydewood Ave.
Richmond, VA 23234