Letters and Miscellanies

By Staff

You know that old iron has the same unsubstantiated statements
that we all waded through starting back on the playground.

Minor bone to pick on the Hot Rod in the February/March 2008
issue, page 5; John Hamilton certainly did a nice job and I like
the way he retained the “enhancements” of time. On dating the
engine though, I would doubt the 1899, though certainly early 1900s
would be believable.

C.H. Wendel shows that basic vertical style as beginning in
1900. Wendel does show a separate picture of the T lighting engine
but does not give a beginning date. Perhaps there are other
references giving earlier dates that Hamilton does not mention.
Provenance of the early owners seems weak in support of the 1899. I
doubt that the T was offered the first year of that style

I have a 5-spoke Woodpecker that Wendel shows as available in
1903. Is my engine a 1903 or what? I now feel comfortable saying it
is 100 years old and perhaps as early as 1903 when discussing. Look
under Middletown Machine, page 304, lower left, to see
illustration. Mine has a reproduction hopper though and not tank
cooling. I enjoy your magazine.

Bob Payne

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