Letters and Miscellanies

Paint vs. patina

| July 2006

This is on the subject of restoring, original painting and patina. This is my opinion. It is free, and maybe that is all it's worth. We in the hobby are all individuals and different. We come from different backgrounds and have different talents, likes and dislikes. What is important to one may not be to the other.

I hope that every collector is repairing and restoring their equipment to the way they want it to be and not to what they think others want to see.

At our shows, everyone is welcome and gets an exhibitor plaque. There is no judging, no official rule book of what an engine needs to look like to be there - and that is a good thing.

I feel this is why there are more and more shows starting up every year. So, take your equipment and show it, have some fun, make new friends and enjoy yourself.

Paul Frasier
12234 Harris St.
Carleton, MI 48117