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One-of-a-kind Engine

| July 2005

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    Is Norman Vandeveer’s engine a one-of-a-kind Mallilieu & Conrey?

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In the March 2005 issue of Gas Engine Magazine on page 3 was my description and photo of what I called a mystery engine. I received a lot of response from the readers of the magazine. One called and identified it as a Marinette. Very similar, but a totally different intake and exhaust system, and the fuel tank is different.

It turns out the engine I have is on page 289 of American Gas Engines Since 1872 by C.H. Wendel. This engine was manufactured by Mallilieu & Conrey, Philadelphia, Pa. It is a 1-1/2 HP air-cooled with the fuel tank cast into the base. My engine is now in perfect condition - valves were good, and compression was low, so I installed new piston rings, cleaned the fuel mixer and fired it up. Also, the original paint is very good. The engine apparently has been inside a building with no sign of rust. This engine is not a hit-and-miss, but throttle governed. I plan to show the engine at the January 2006 Florida Flywheelers Avon Park Show.

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