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Mystery Tool

| June 2005

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The tool on page 3 in Gas Engine Magazine, May 2005, is used to lift the lid on city water meters. The pointed straight end is used to clean debris, etc. from around the nut. The curved end pries the lid up. The socket end is 1 inch from point to flat for unlocking the lid.

Jack Guerrie
2630 Mountain View Ave.
Longmont, CO 80503
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I believe I know what the mystery tool is that was shown in the May issue.

When I was a young boy some 60 years ago, I used to watch the water meter man come around and read meters. He used a very similar tool to open the cast iron cover. There was a five-sided bolt that locked the cover in place. The five-sided socket fit this bolt. (I've always assumed that it was five sided rather than four or six so it was difficult for anyone else to open the cover.) The sharp ends were used to pry the cover up to get his hand under to lift it off.

Burch Roark
Spokane, Wash.

The tool shown in the May issue is a water department tool used to remove the weather cap on residential water shutoff valve systems. The small pick is to remove ice and dirt, etc. from the indented surface of the pipe cap protecting the shutoff roof from damage.