Letters and Miscellanies

More than just yard art

| October 2008

About 15 years ago, I met Don Hughes, who lives in the small town of Roan Mountain, Tenn., while I was working for an electrical power company.

While I was working on power lines next to his home, a friend asked me if I had ever seen Don's old engines. I knew of their existence but that was about all. My friend offered to introduce me.

Don had about 35-40 engines at that time. All of them had been completely restored and painted. After seeing these engines and listening to Don tell me some of their history, I got very interested in them. He asked me if I was interested in joining the East Tennessee Antique Engine Association. He said this would be a good way to find engines and parts. About one year later, I bought my first engine.

I now have 17 engines completely restored and on carts. I disassemble all engines, repair or replace parts if needed and build carts. All of the carts are somewhat different from each other. Don paints the engines and does any machine work.

I like all engines - ones with original paint, or ones that have been repainted, broken or with parts missing.

Charlie Oaks
P.O. Box 533
Newland, NC 28657