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LB not for sale

| April 2007

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I answered an ad for an engine for sale, and the gentleman had a Fairbanks gas and kerosene 1-1/2 to 3 HP that I was really interested in. He would not sell it to me unless I took his old LB. Not wanting it, I thought I could sell it.

I tried to sell it for a year; no one wanted to pay what I had in it and I wasn't going to give it away.

One day riding around, I saw this old tractor behind a garage with no engine or hood and only one front wheel. The owner agreed to sell it to me. I went home and picked up my trailer. When I got back, he had dug up the hood and other front tire. The only thing missing was the grille.

I think it's an old Economy garden tractor, but nobody knows for sure. It has a heavy cast iron rear end with a granny gear, three forwards and reverse.

I stripped it down and painted it International colors. I mounted a pulley behind the belt pulley and use the deck lever to tighten it. I hooked the throttle up to the lever on the left side. Everything used was from the tractor or lying around my shop. The only thing I bought was a 3-inch pulley for the rear end. It had a 6-inch pulley, but would only move about 3 MPH wide open - now maybe 6 MPH. It's a lot of fun at shows and now everyone wants to buy it. Sorry.

Dennis Wood
Kingston, Ohio