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Lathe Chuck Mounting Plate

| December 2005

  • Photo_RoughFinishedCastings.jpg
    'Joe Tochtrop provides photos of rough and finished castings used to fabricate universal, portable machine chucks. '

  • Photo_RoughFinishedCastings.jpg

I enjoy "Modeler's Corner" very much. Keep up the good work - and expand it!

Home shop machinists and model builders who have a lathe with a threaded spindle nose for mounting three- or four-jaw chucks will find this accessory exceptionally handy. The iron casting is shown at the right in the photo and the machined piece at the left with 1-1/2-8 threads to fit the 5-inch chuck above.

The chuck, with work in progress, can be moved from lathe to drill press, milling machine or rotary table for drilling, tapping or light milling, and then back to the lathe for any final cuts without loss of alignment.

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