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Is the date that important?

| August 2008

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Regarding Bob Payne's letter in the June/July 2008 issue of Gas Engine Magazine questioning the date of my Fairbanks-Morse Special Electric, Fairbanks-Morse built several hundred Model T's as early as 1897. How old is this engine? Without a serial number we can't know. Even with the number there is no actual and true list for these engines although several lists exist. If the basic engine was built a hundred years ago, carburation was changed in the 1910s and again in the '40s, the crankshaft re-reversed, and ignition replaced in 2005, who knows and who cares? I do know the complete line of ownership from its first farm in Kansas to its warm cozy home in Oklahoma.

Look at the video and rejoice that the old plugger is running again at its rated speed and horsepower.

John Hamilton,

Watch the video of John's engine on the YouTube Gas Engine Magazine Engine Video Index, which can be found at www.gasenginemagazine.com.