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Coming to Life

| December 2005

  • 6HPSpecialElectricTypeT.jpg
    'Above and below: Thanks to readers, John Hamilton found out this engine is a Fairbanks-Morse 6 HP Special Electric Type T. '

  • 6HPSpecialElectricTypeT.jpg

My fresh-from-the-barn Fairbanks-Morse 6 HP engine was in Gas Engine Magazine, January 2005 issue (page 5). Now we know it's a Special Electric Type T, weighs 1,860 pounds with 440-pound flywheels and was manufactured about 1905. The cylinder is a replacement and never had an engine tag, although I put one on. Here are a couple of photos of the progress.

The head still needs a valve job and there are a few other items to repair. It will keep its Schebler Model D carburetor and the tractor clutch pulley, which the previous owners put on - they are contemporary changes. Thanks for being there for us so we can keep these big wheels turning.

John Hamilton
Waxahachie, Texas