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Alex T. Gibson engines

| February 2007

  • AlexTGibsonEngines.jpg

  • AlexTGibsonEngines.jpg

In my quest for information about the George D. Pohl Co., I was given a copy of the above picture taken from the Utica business directory around the turn of the last century. Although the caption (not visible here) on the picture says they were made in Utica, N.Y., it is known that Alex T. Gibson operated a foundry and machine shop in West Winfield, about 20 miles south of Utica. I was wondering if there are any of these engines left out there, and if they were made by someone else.

The engine is natural gas, with a hot tube. It appears to have a hit-and-miss style inertia governor. This is obviously a very early design. Thanks to Steve Davis for the picture.

Woody Sins
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