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Abenaque Engine Surprise

| January 2005

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  • AbenaqueEngineSurprise.jpg

I was surprised to see the 5 HP Abenaque on page 12 of the December GEM. How the picture arrived in Bill Vossler's collection, I do not know, but it came from the same negative as the picture I took of it many years ago after I restored it. The engine now belongs to the Uphams in Whately, Mass., and sports an Abenaque saw rig like that shown on page 13. (It's picture is in the February 1987 issue of GEM, page 9). There is a fine "centerfold" Abenaque picture in the September 1989 issue, pages 40 and 41.

Bob Weis
Cricket Hill Farm
P.O. Box 1032
Dublin, NH 03444

The photo Bob refers to was not supplied by Bill Vossler but came from our photo archives, where it was labeled 10 HP. Thanks for setting the record straight. - Editor