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9 HP United

| January 2005

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    Harris Lee with his 9 HP United.

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Recently, I bought a 9 HP United Type A gas engine from an estate sale. The family said this engine was bought by the grandpa and was passed down to the son and grandson. They had no history of the engine other than the plate conveying serial no. 700050 Type A. All the numbers on the parts are the same as the Associated gas engines. Also on the plate is, "United Engine Co., Lansing, Mich." The flywheels measure 42 inches in diameter. Also, an old engine man thinks they were made by Associated Gas Mfg. Co. in Iowa.

I'm looking for literature or people knowledgeable of the United line.

Harris Lee
318 South Ave. Apt. 2
Osceola, WI 54020