| August 2006

Charting progress

Old iron enthusiasts celebrate yesteryear's technology, yet there's no denying the benefits of modern technology. Need proof? Check out the new digital archives of Gas Engine Magazine.

Featuring every issue of GEM from the the first issue in 1966 up through 2004, this new archive wouldn't be possible without advances in technology.

Many readers have steadfastly collected and indexed every issue of GEM. But many more readers have come along since the magazine launched in 1966, and they don't have the benefit of a full library. The new digital archive changes that, bringing every issue of GEM to your home computer.

Not sure when GEM has covered Stover engines? A simple search using "Stover" as the key word uncovers every article that's ever discussed Stover engines. The search feature applies to any engine, tractor or other piece of old iron covered, making it easy to find articles about engines you own or simply want to learn about. Turn to page 59 for ordering information, or simply call us toll free at (800) 888-9098.

New beginnings

This issue marks our return to a bimonthly schedule. Longtime readers know that GEM started as a bimonthly in 1966, moving to a monthly in 1985. Please note that subscriptions continue on a yearly basis, but with six issues each year.

Along with this change, we're working to provide more content in every issue, and we're also launching some new features.