| March 2006

Hero of Hercules

If you've been reading Gas Engine Magazine for long, you're familiar with Glenn Karch, who pens our monthly Hercules Engine News column.

Glenn's interests in engines run far and wide, but the Hercules brand has particularly captivated him. Part of this is proxemity: Glenn's home in Haubstadt, Ind., is less than 20 miles north of the old Hercules Gas Engine Co. factory in Evansville, Ind. His interest in the company prompted research that led to his 1989 self-published A History of the Celebrated Line of Hercules Engines.

In 1992, Glenn visited the old GEM headquarters in Lancaster, Pa., and asked if they had any interest in a monthly column on Hercules engines. They were skeptical at first, but when he sent them six complete columns in advance, they saw he was serious. His first column appeared in the June 1992 issue, and has run ever since. Until now, that is.

"One of my objectives in this whole thing was, rather than redo the book, I'd document everything in GEM," Glenn says. He thinks he's achieved that aim, and with that has decided it's time to give his old word processor a rest.

Glenn will still pen the occasional feature (he's working right now on a history of Kankakee engines), but his regular column has drawn to a close. Our heartfelt thanks and admiration go out to Glenn for everything he's done to help the old iron community all these years.

Richard Backus