| February 2006

Call to Arms

Last issue I mentioned that we're embarking on a project to compile our own A to Z of gas engines. Uncharacteristically for this group, we've had zero response to our request for help, prompting me to repeat our plea.

Given the enormous number of manufacturers that once competed in the market for gas engines, it's no surprise that our photo archives are less than complete. We're trying to correct that, and in the process share what we learn with the rest of the old iron community.

That's where you come in, by helping supply quality engine photos, complete (when possible) with detailed information on the engine shown, including serial numbers, any known history and engine specifications.

As material comes in, we'll break it down alphabetically. We'll start with A and work to the end, featuring selected engines in every issue of GEM.

We're looking for good photos of all engine types and manufacture, from the rare and obscure to the well known. And we're not limiting this to production engines; prototype and engines of unknown manufacture are encouraged.

The discovery process hasn't stopped. As time goes by we continue to learn about engines we've never heard of thanks to collectors and restorers who track down and rescue derelict engines.