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Forty Years and Counting

I wonder if Elmer Ritzman, the founder of Gas Engine
, ever imagined his “baby” (as he called it in the
premier issue) would still be going strong 40 years later.

A consumate steam traction engine, tractor and gas engine
enthusiast, Elmer was already a 20-year veteran of magazine
publishing when he decided it was time for a magazine devoted to
stationary engines and their ilk.

It was the early threshing reunions that had sparked Elmer’s
interest in creating The Farm Journal in 1946 (he changed
the name to Iron-Men Album in 1950), and as the reunions
grew and spread across the country, more and more people brought
their old engines to display and enjoy with fellow lovers of old

Eventually, that interest grew to the point Elmer decided a
magazine devoted to gas engines could be sustained. And so,
beginning with the January 1966 issue, he launched Gas Engine

Elmer’s timing was right, because readers responded quickly and
enthusiastically to GEM. Finally, lovers of old engines
had a place to share their passion, showing off their prized
engines and sharing information on engine companies that had, for
the most part, slipped into obscurity.

But because of Elmer an important chapter in American history
has been saved. Because of Elmer, old iron enthusiasts have spent
countless hours researching, restoring and preserving the engines
that launched a revolution in farm life. Because of Elmer, a once
important element of American culture has been preserved, a culture
we celebrate in the pages of this magazine and at farm shows around
the country.

Forty years is a long time for anything to last, and we’re
honored to continue Elmer’s mission of entertaining and sharing
with gas engine hobbyists across the country and around the world.
We have some special treats in store for the year, as we celebrate
four decades of Gas Engine Magazine.

Finally, we’d like your help preparing an A to Z of gas engines.
We’re looking for quality engine photos, complete with detailed
information on the engine shown, including serial numbers and known
history. We’ll start with A, and work to the end, featuring
selected engines in every issue of GEM. See you next

Richard Backus


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  • Published on Jan 1, 2006
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