| October 2005

Up and Running

It's always gratifying to see yet another old engine brought back to life, carefully prodded back to mechanical soundness until its exhaust pipe once again emits a pleasant "chuff" with every flick of the igniter.

Woody Sins certainly knows the feeling, as his careful "resuscitation" of a 6 HP Domestic shows.

Woody's Domestic is one of those fabled "barn finds," the kind of engine every fan of old iron dreams of; complete, unmolested, just waiting for someone to give it the attention it deserves. And the best part is, the engine found Woody, a direct result of his previous writing in Gas Engine Magazine.

Woody's interest in old engines stretches back a bit, and he's displayed that interest in the pages of GEM more than once. And what was he looking for in return? Not much, just the opportunity to share his interests and, he hopes, to help other collectors in the hobby.

And Woody's interest in the hobby is exactly what led the engine to him, its owner having seen one of Woody's stories in these pages.

Which gets me to my point: Have you found or restored an interesting engine lately? If you have, have you thought about putting together a sketch of its history and your ownership, and sharing your story with the rest of the old-engine crowd?