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Which is Which?

| May 2005

I have been a subscriber for several years. I have asked many questions and had them answered in fine order. I have also written some articles. Thank you for a very fine magazine. However, I do have a question: How do you tell the difference between an Economy and a Jaeger engine? I have an engine, serial no. 215797, 550 RPM, 1-1/2 E. It has a Webster magneto and is an igniter engine. I'm thinking the E stands for Economy. It is painted blue; under the blue is a reddish color. If it is a Jaeger, what shade of blue should it be? Bruce Dixon, 8880 Hartel Road, Grand Ledge, MI 48837; (517) 627-5618.

Hercules was not producing the Jaeger brand engine at serial no. 215797.

Jaeger engines started with serial numbers around 146000. The E on the tag is simply the engine model letter. E models were made from mid-1914 to mid-1921. A few Hercules-built ARCO brand engines were built near your serial number. They were a blue-gray color.

Since all three brands mentioned shared the same design and parts, the only difference was the color. Ford tractor blue is a good color for a Jaeger. Rust-Oleum Regal Red is a good color for an Economy. As for an ARCO, the Ford blue with a hint of gray mixed in is a close color to use.

- Glenn Karch