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Unidentified Engine

| April 2005

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    '40/4/2A and B: Unidentified engine, possibly a Hercules? '

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I have an unknown engine that I hope someone can identify for me. Its brass tag, along with its exhaust rocker arm and throttle linkage, is missing. It has a water hopper that looks like a Hercules, and I think I can see a little light green paint in a couple of areas. I think it is a 6 HP Model N, because every part is marked "6N" followed by a part number. It is a kerosene-burning engine; the exhaust gases are piped to heat the carburetor and incoming air.

The flywheels are 34-1/2 inches in diameter and 3-1/4 inches wide, and held in place with a gibb key. The bore is 6-1/2 inches with an 8-inch stroke. It has a Webster magneto and igniter with bracket no. 303K1. The exhaust pushrod also operates a fuel pump, and it has an overflow carburetor. On the top of the water hopper, just behind where you add water, there is a drip oiler to lubricate the piston and wrist pin. The connecting rod has a grease cup, and it has oil cups cast into the top of the two main bearing caps.

I would appreciate any help readers might give to identify this engine. Thanks, Ken White, Box 71, North Cobalt, ONT, Canada P0J 1R0; (705) 672-3860;