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Related to a Waterloo

| June 2008

This engine has a 6-inch bore and 10-inch stroke, 42-inch diameter flywheels, round connecting rod, and a 2-1/4-inch shaft diameter with 5/8-inch keyway. The 3-bolt bearing caps have "436" cast on them and the flywheels have drilled balance holes with the number "131" cast on them. It has a Waterloo igniter bracket No. 303K8 and a Witry governor. The rocker arm has the number "59-12" on it. The muffler is not original and the gas tank has been replaced. There is no nameplate nor can I find anything to indicate where one would have been. There is no serial number on the shaft end or casting number on the base. I have been told that it has a lot of Waterloo features but is not a true Waterloo-built engine. Thank you for any information you can give to help with identifying this engine. Sheldon Frankenfield, 2605 Canoga Road, Seneca Falls, NY 13148-9522;