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Mietz and Weiss

| October 2008

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I have been an old iron enthusiast and a Gas Engine Magazine reader here in Puerto Rico since 2002.

Since I started collecting, I now own six engines of different models. My friend here on the island owns two Mietz & Weiss hot tube engines. Many years ago, these engines were used on a coffee plantation.

The engines are complete and in "like new" condition. The flywheel dimensions on the larger engine are 50-7/8 inches in diameter with a 4-1/2-inch face, and the dimensions on the smaller engine are 41-7/8 inches in diameter with a 3-inch face.

If you have any information about these engines, or are interested in purchasing them, please contact my son, Rafael A. Arroyo Jr., 1649 Partridge Place, Abilene, TX 79605; (325) 829-9997;

Rafael Arroyo Sr.
Puerto Rico