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| January 2006

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    41/1/1A: IHC 2 HP vertical engine.

  • IHC2HPverticalengine.jpg

I am in the middle of restoring an IHC Nonpariel 2 HP vertical engine. This is known in the UK as an Osborn, being finished in blue paint. I cannot find anyone over here with a 2 HP. I need to know the style and precise size of the valve retaining nuts, which I have to make, as I do not have the originals.

The part number of the head appears to be from a Junior and therefore different from the IHC Famouses I have examined.

I am also struggling with the layout of the fuel pipes at the base of the engine, as I do not have clear pictures. Should there be a return spring around the exhaust rocker arm? Are there any cast in the eccentric strap for the water pump (I guess mine is bent)? Were battery boxes still fitted to engines with the magneto conversion? If anyone has a 2 HP and can answer these questions and more, please contact me. Peter Rooke, Hardigate House, Hardigate Road, Cropwell Butler, Notts, England NG12 3AH.