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I have a Graham Paige 2-wheel garden tractor I purchased at an
auction in October 2004. According to the tag, which carries a
number of BB 2-4742, Gladden Products in Glendale, Calif., made the
engine. What I would like to know is who made the rest of the
tractor and what paint would come closest to the original orange
color. It’s already running, so paint is the only thing it would

Also, I am still looking for two tires, size 5-1/2-by-12-inch,
for a Montgomery Ward tractor I wrote about back in 2004. Any help
would be most appreciated. Dieter Heckele, 2181 Newark Drive, West
Bend, WI 53090; (262) 335-2739.

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  • Published on Jun 1, 2005
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