Flywheel Forum


| September 2005

I need help identifying three Fairbanks-Morse items. The first one does not have a tag on it and the number on the water jacket is 01351. The flywheel number is ZAC13F5 and it has a three-belt pulley on the flywheel. Any information would be helpful, i.e., RPM and horsepower.

Second, I have a Fairbanks-Morse air compressor, 475 RPM, 250 pounds and a 3-3/4-by-3-3/8-inch LP oil slinger on the crankshaft. Any information on slinger and compressor would be helpful. It is a water-cooled compressor.

Third, I have a 3 HP Fairbanks-Morse Z, 800 RPM. I need parts to restore the engine. Any information or even a photo would be helpful. Jerry Sheeley, 306 Morris St., Uhrichsville, OH 44683; fax: (740) 922-6800;

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