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Doyle, Waukesha, Titeflex

| January 2006

I have a small 2-stroke engine which, according to one fella, is a "Doyle" used on mowers. It is seized and missing a carburetor.

I also have a Waukesha ICK 61 cubic inch, 25 HP yellow flathead 4-cylinder. It should be a common engine, with many industrial uses and was also used in railway speeders. However, mine is all aluminum (most were cast iron) and it was military specification, which I have been told was a B-51 Bomber A.P.U. I have a 120-volt generator for it. I need an aluminum cylinder head and jug. I would like to get this running, but have had no luck hunting down parts. The new magneto is an Eisemann LA-4.

My last engine, made by Titeflex, has an Eisemann LA-1 magneto. The carburetor is a Zenith; the governor is a Pierce. It is missing valve covers, but turns over and has compression. It is a 4-stroke with overhead valves. The gentleman I bought it from said he thought it was from an aircraft generator set. Titeflex is still in business, but I can't find any information at all on this engine. R. Mac Leod, P.O. Box 6973, Moraga, CA 94570-6973;